Thio Toxicity Info

Recent Acute Toxicity Test Results Show TR-6 & TR-50 Precipitants much less toxic than DTC.

Acute toxicity tests were recently performed on Water Specialists Technologies TR-50 and TR-6 precipitants by an independent ecological laboratory.

These precipitants were tested for LC50 values, which means the concentration of the precipitant that is lethal to 50% of the exposed organisms.  For these tests, the organisms used included Pimephales Promelas (fathead minnow), Ceriodaphnia Dubia (water flea) and Daphnia Magna (water flea).


In summary, the report shows the following LC50 values after 48-hour static acute toxicity tests:

Daphinia Magna (Water Flea)56.0 ppm5.89 ppm 1.50 ppm
Ceriodaphnia Dubia (Water Flea)56.0 ppm2.99 ppmNT
Primephales Promelas (Fathead Minnow)15.8 ppm10.3 ppmNT

*Previous test results.  NT = not tested.
Copies of the detailed report are available upon request.


Previous toxicity tests comparing Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate-40%(DTC) to WST THIO-RED precipitant resulted in the following LC50 values after 48-hour static acute toxicity tests:

Rainbow Trout33.0 ppm<0.10 ppm
Bluegill Sunfish35.0 ppm<0.18 ppm

The bottom line is that DTC is considerably more toxic than THIO-RED, TR-6 & TR-50.

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