Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

H2O. The universal solvent. The formula is quite simple, however treating water can be challenging. WSET has the expertise and products to support your water treatment needs. We have efficient, effective and environmentally friendly products to provide our customers with the solutions for all of their water treatment needs.

Defoamers: WSET has a full line of products designed to reduce and eliminate foam from industrial water systems. The most common defoaming agents are surface tension reduction and bubble wall destabilization products. WSET has a standard line of defoamers and the capability to custom blend to meet a specific need. We offer a full range of defoamers including Oil based, Water based, Silicone based, Ester Based, Water Extended, and Polymeric based products.

Water Treatment

Flocculants: Polymers that are used in flocculation, which is the process of agglomerating destabilized particles into bigger particles (flocs). In wastewater flocculation, colloidal particles are further joined together (flocked) to assist in clarification, solids removal and dewatering. Flocculants (aka Polymers) can be used alone or together with coagulants to make flocs bigger, more resistant to shear forces and provide better water clarification.

Polymers are polyacrylamides that are cationic, anionic, or nonionic solids or emulsions that have a wide range of charge and molecular weights.

Anionic: Anionic flocculants are primarily used for industrial and municipal water clarification. A variety of charges and molecular weights are available in emulsions and granular to ensure proper treatment
Cationic: Cationic flocculants are primarily used for organic flocculation, sludge thickening, and dredging applications. A variety of charges and molecular weights are available in emulsions and granular to ensure proper treatment
Nonionic: Nonionic polymers are typically used in mining to improve throughput and enhance yield. They are also used to optimize processes in low to medium pH conditions, among other things, in mining to improve throughput, enhance yield and optimize processes especially where low pH conditions are involved.

Coagulants: WSET coagulants are cationic chemicals that help destabilize colloids to assist in TSS, color, and metals removal. Coagulants are typically inorganic, organic, or blended liquids. Learn more.

Precipitants: Water Specialists Environmental Technologies manufacturers precipitants to help achieve near non detect levels of multiple metals in water discharge or scrubber stream. Learn more.

Absorbents: WSET offers a wide variety of absorbents including Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP), Organo Clay, Activated Carbon to either totally absorb waters or specifically remove a contaminant. Contact us for more information regarding our line of absorbents.