Toll Blending

Water Specialists Environmental Technologies (WSET) is heavily involved in toll blending and custom manufacturing. We have the capability to provide our customers with custom formulated products based on customer-specific recipes. Customers can choose from our extensive list of formulated products, or we can custom manufacture a product specifically tailored to your individual need. Our formulated products have been developed to provide enhanced treatment compared to standard commodity chemicals. All blended products are subject to QC checks to ensure product specifications are met for unsurpassed performance.

A selection of our most common coagulants are listed below. Several other formulated products are available as well as custom formulated coagulants

C-11: Coagulant good for phosphate, color, arsenic, oil and grease and TSS removal
C-2: Coagulation of organic particles, latex paint, and TSS removal
C-3: Coagulant for color removal, algae, TSS at lower dosages
C-6: PAC based coagulant for rapid settling and TSS removal
C-7: Organic/inorganic blend for optimal clarity and TSS reduction
C-17: Coagulant, Cr+6 removal, and metal removal agent all in one
C-40: All organic concentrated coagulant can be fed neat or diluted
C-50: Alternate all organic concentrated coagulant
C-66: Low basicity product for influent water treatment