Other Products

Glycerin: CG-80 is one of our glycerol products for use as a carbon source for biological treatment systems.  CG-80 offers the best combination of cost, safety, and carbon per pound compared to other products on the market. The product is fully biodegradable and will not adversely affect other key parameters such as Alkalinity, TKN, or PhosphorousCustom formulated blends available.           

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP): Super Absorbent Polymer.  SAP has many uses to efficiently absorb free liquids making a solid that passes the paint filter test.  The product can be used to solidify runny filter cake, to ensure solids are properly formed in a geo tube for dredging, as well as part of a ZLD strategy.  The material can solidify up to 300 times its weight in liquid.  SAP is nontoxic and biocompatible making it a great resource for agriculture.  WSET has a variety of SAPs to meet the specific needs of individual facilities and waters/sludges to be solidified.

Clay Flocculants: Designed to be an all-in-one treatment.  A bentonite clay with coagulants, flocculants, and pH adjustment in one product.  Multiple variations are available for wastewater treatment of various waters including paint, oily waters, vibratory waters, surfactant laden waters, metals finishing waters, etc.  Contact us to see if our clay flocculants are a good fit for your treatment needs.


WSET formulated and manufactures an environmentally friendly line of degreasers and cleaners to replace hazardous solvents in a myriad of applications. These products are non-toxic, non-combustible and contain no chlorinated solvents, halogens, VOC’s, borates, chlorides, ammonia, or citrus. The Water Specialists line of degreasers and cleaners meet OSHA, EPA and California standards and are acceptable for use in federally inspected meat and poultry facilities.


RB DEGREASER/CLEANER (RBD): are aqueous-based alkaline cleaners formulated to safely and quickly remove oils, grease and other soils from metal, plastic, rubber, tile, glass, cement, fabric and other hard and soft surfaces.  They are a synergistic blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, wetting agents, alkaline builders, rust, and corrosion inhibitors, anti-redeposition and rinsing aids.  A fully aqueous base concentrated alkaline degreaser, containing no solvents, for cleaning metals and other surfaces. The Water Specialists degreasers and cleaners are all natural and biodegradable - non-toxic and odorless. RBD products contain a blend of rust inhibitors and will not harm metals including:  aluminum, zinc, copper, steel and brass.  Surfaces rinse squeaky clean of any film or residue and are ready for painting, plating, anodizing, or packaging

RB DEGREASER - NO FOAM: A concentrated aqueous base formulation of anionic and non-ionic surface active agents that counteract foaming (especially at elevated temperatures) while extending the useful life of the working solution and an improved cleaning range. Surfaces are easily rinsed free of any film or residue and ready for painting, plating, or packaging.  RBD-NO FOAM provides maximum metal protection and is non-corrosive to most metals including polished aluminum, zinc and brass.

BUFF CLEAN: An aqueous base cleaner for removing metallic oxide buffing compounds and other non-water soluble coatings. Contains no butyl or chlorinated solvents, or other hazardous ingredients.

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Reagent Control Systems

Water Specialists Environmental Technologies Reagent Control Systems are designed to monitor wastewaters for controlling the addition of reagents to achieve predetermined process set points.  These systems eliminate operator guesswork when adding chemicals to waste streams, and thereby prevent the under-or-over dosing of reagents even under fluctuating conditions.  Electrode options include pH, ORP and Ion Specific Electrodes.


The Reagent Control Systems can readily be incorporated into new or existing continuous flow and batch wastewater treatment systems.  Controlling a precipitation program via ORP or ISE typically reduces chemical usage from 20% to 50% while maintaining discharge compliance.

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ion specific controller