R&D and Analytical

WSET is committed to continual improvement, product quality and product innovation to ensure we provide the best products for our customers’ specific applications. We have a team of chemists and engineers to assist in product and process development and improvement.

Product Development

Our R&D team continues to work on developing products to meet the needs of our customers. Whether it is more environmentally friendly products, stronger precipitants, stabilization products, better coagulants, etc.; WSET has the resources to continue to evolve our product line.

Process Development

WSET offers process development assistance via our R&D and Analytical Laboratory. We can provide our customers with recommended product selection by performing bench scale evaluations and analysis to determine the ideal chemical processes and treatment dosages for the specific needs of each facility. Our bench scale testing services are also utilized for process improvement, process verification, and competitive analysis.

Analytical Services

We can perform internal analysis via ICP, IC, and other methods to determine the level of contaminants contained in the influent and the resulting treated effluent analysis. This enables our team to swiftly perform influent analysis, initiate bench scale testing, and determine the resulting effluent analyses all in house. The testing and analytical capabilities WSET offers are available to assist our customers grow their business and maintain compliance.

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