Specialty Chemicals

Specialty chemicals are formulated by WSET for special application purposes.  They cover a variety of functions.

AF-10 ANTIFOAM: A stable, water based silicone defoamer recommended for wastewater treatment applications.

CM-C: An inorganic liquid multi-purpose reagent for modifying components in wastewaters requiring treatment.  CM-C substitutes for heavy metals under chelated conditions to  permit their precipitation; acts as a co-precipitant in hydroxide precipitation of zinc and other metals; aids in the clarification and dewatering operations of the treatment process; and deactivates sequestering agents and phosphates in spent cleaners.


CM-M: An inorganic liquid reagent for modifying components in wastewaters requiring treatment. CM-M substitutes for the heavy metals in chelated conditions to permit their precipitation, coagulation and flocculation ; demulsifies aqueous based coolants and cutting oils; and neutralizes the dispersing characteristics of surfactants in spent cleaner baths.

CR-20: A liquid stabilized reducing reagent for the reduction of hexavalent chromium (and other high valence metals) to its trivalent state as a preparatory stage to precipitation. CR-20is also utilized as a reducing reagent for persulfate and permanganate solutions.

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